Physics Forests in VR

Implemented using Oculus SDK and CUDA, rendered by OpenGL Shader. Real-time simulation with above 2M particles in 60 - 90 fps. Obstacles, swirls and tornadoes are controllable by the Oculus touch controllers.

Artistic Control: Turbulence

Create various water scenes with high, medium or low turbulence. The demo runs 30FPS with 5.1M particles on a single NVidia Pascal TitanX GPU.

SIGGRAPH 2017 Realtime Live!

"Physics Forests: Real-time Fluid Simulation using Machine Learning" has been accepted to SIGGRAPH 2017 Real-time live!

SIGGRAPH Real-time Live! Demo

REAL-TIME Simulation

Physics Forests is the fastest stable physics-based fluid simulation engine based on Machine Learning, capable of simulating up to 10M particles including surface generation, rigid-body dynamics, rendering and user-interaction in real-time. This video was recorded on a standard PC with a single Nvidia Pascal Titan X (Cuda).

Various Materials

Physics Forests can simulate various kinds of liquids with different material properties such as viscosity, adhesion, surface tension, friction and other external forces.

Endless Simulation

Physics Forests always provides the stable behavior of fluids in an arbitrarily long video.

More Effects !

A real-time waterfall simulation.